where to find Vimax in Malaysia

From time to time we get requests about where vimax pills can be obtained in India.

The short answer is that they can be purchased from vimax in Malaysia, but from the regular website.

Click here for Vimax in Malaysia

buy vimax malaysia where to find Vimax in Malaysia

When you get to this page, just go through the normal buying process, and you are asked what country the product will be shipped to, just choose India, and the product will then come from Vimax in Malaysia.

You may see other sites on the internet claiming that you can buy vimax in stores, but there is only one official place to buy vimax in Malaysia, and that is online using the above form to select the country. Vimax Malaysia will then ship the delivery from their Malaysian business there in Malaysia directly to you.

Returns are handled directly on the same site. Just contact them for authorization. Remember this site is their global site.


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